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Business Development and Sales Employability Training


Helping people to access professional careers in Business Development or Sales

AimHire is a social enterprise that believes that there's untapped talent across the country. We know that Business Development is a rewarding career and understand the difficulties of hiring good people that can really sell. AimHire helps people that are perfect for a career in sales through pre-employment training, mentoring and access to people looking to hire them.

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Flexible, accessible Business Development training. 

Train in your own time and get access to community, mentors and hiring managers.

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Sales people that are trained, retainable and diverse

AimHire's candidates are trained by industry professionals with world class experience. 

Find Sales Talent that have proven themselves to be dedicated, determined and ready to go!

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Are you in Business Development or sales and have experiences to share?

Please get in touch about mentoring opportunities to help our trainees to get to grips with their new careers!

"Without your help I wouldn't be in the position I'm in today, about to start my new job"

"It opened your eyes about how to look at things, not negative, just can actually do this, you just have to think positive"

"If I could re-do the course I would and I'd get my mates to do it"


Nova's style is authentic and approachable. She ran a successful session with our Maker's for an afternoon, taking them through the practical steps of making a sale. I was really impressed by her ability to read the room and adapt the session to individuals needs. Nova is an absolute pleasure to work with: she's naturally kind and empathetic to people's needs and she is also a great sales person!