Through her 10 year career, Nova worked in many different sales roles, including retail, charity and SaaS sales before she decided it was time to share what she knew with young people to help them to get into sales careers too. Having come from a working class background herself, she understands the power of the unique opportunities that exist in sales careers and the frustration of trying to do it alone. Social mobility has long been a focus for her and the ability to combine it and be able to share a career she loved is what drives her and AimHire every day!

The key principle of AimHire is to give access to a viable, exciting and rewarding career to young people who might have been left behind. Working on the principle that sales talent comes from personality, we don't believe that a lack of a degree, work experience or connections should exclude someone from entering into a professional career. With the right attitude and a little training, good salespeople can be found anywhere!

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