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Are you looking for people to join your Business Development or Sales functions?

Book a meeting with us to find out if AimHire's the right solution for you.

AimHire's all about tapping into talent that might be overlooked by traditional hiring methods, but that doesn't mean we don't hold our trainees to a high standard. AimHire trainees dedicate their own time to undergoing 20+ hours of training and assessment in order to qualify as a candidate.

We know hiring managers struggle with attracting, training and keeping talent AimHire's designed to help trainees understand what they need for the role and practise it, so not only are they ready to go, they also know it's what they want.


Ready For The Role

Alongside training partners Believe, AimHire hires the right people and then trains them before they start with you, so that they're ready for success. 

Bespoke Pre-employment Training

You can tailor the training you'd like candidates to undertake before they come to you. So if you need your candidates to be Salesforce or Hubspot literate, they can be! 

Manage Attrition

Our process carefully stress tests candidates, through their application process and their training, meaning that by the time they start working with you, they know that this is the right career for them and understand how to get ahead, too. 

Diversity Made Easy

Because we often work with people from less privileged backgrounds, they're statistically more likely to be candidates that sales roles typically find hard to attract. 

Review Candidate's assessments 

Get a look into how the candidates are performing in their training assessments before you interview them. Get insights into areas of strength and development so you know how they'll fit.

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