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Sales Training for Employability Programmes: Why You Should Consider it

If you're a provider of training for employability programmes, you know how challenging it can be to prepare job seekers for the fast-changing, highly competitive world of work. One crucial skill that can often make a difference between success and failure in many industries is sales. Yet, sales training is very rarely included in traditional skills development programmes.

If you want to help your trainees to land better jobs, grow their careers, and achieve their goals, you might want to consider including some skills from sales. Here are some reasons why:

Sales Training Can Boost Confidence and Employability

Many job seekers struggle with confidence and self-esteem issues that can hold them back in interviews, networking, and career advancement. Sales training can help them overcome these challenges by providing them with practical tools, techniques, and strategies for selling themselves, their ideas, and their products/services. By mastering sales skills, trainees can feel more confident, articulate, and persuasive in any situation, making them more employable and promotable.

Sales Training Can Enhance Communication and Problem-Solving Skills

Sales is not just about making a pitch or closing a sale. It's also about listening, understanding, empathising, and solving problems for customers. Sales training helps trainees to develop critical communication and problem-solving skills that can be applied to any role. By learning how to ask questions, actively listen, empathise with customers, anticipate objections, and come up with creative solutions, participants become more effective communicators and problem-solvers, which are vital skills for the workplace.

Sales Skills Are in High Demand

No matter what industry you specialize in, sales skills are always in high demand. Being able to persuade, negotiate, and close deals is not only essential for salespeople but also for professionals in customer service, marketing, project management, and leadership roles. Even if your clients don't aspire to become sales reps, sales training can help them build valuable transferable skills that will be valued by employers.

AimHire has ready to go, specifically tailored programmes which lean on the power of sales to help trainees to develop the skills needed to secure their dream roles. To date, 80% of our job seeking participants have gotten hired within three months of completing our course.

If you want to differentiate your employability programmes from the competition and help your trainees to achieve their career dreams, talk to AimHire about including our training in your programmes today!

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